Location: Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.  Elevation: 184m.  Weather Station: Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus. Software: Weather Display
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After nearly ten years service, my trusty Oregon Scientific WMR-918 station has been retired, not because of fault, but I simply wanted to upgrade to something a little more "serious".  I found the Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus station and that was about as far as my serious could extend!
The new Davis Vantage Pro2 Console, it's seriously large, but understandable for the amount of information it provides.  The unit has the optional WeatherLink serial datalogger plugged into the back, which is capable of logging up to six months data if the PC uplink isn't available, and also provides the serial connection to the server.
The ISS, or Integrated Sensor Suite is where the majority of the instruments are located.  The radiation shield at the bottom houses the temperature and humidity sensors and is fan aspirated, 24 hours a day, for highest accuracy.  The rain bucket sits above these sensors and has a resolution of 0.2mm.  To the back of the rain bucket at the top is a UV sensor, and unsighted is a solar radiation sensor.  The front of the unit contains the electronics for the ISS as well as solar panel for charging the battery powering the ISS.  The lower solar panel charges the batteries for the radiation shield aspiration fan.
The anemometer/wind direction sensors.  Not much really needs to be said here.  It connects back to the ISS via a twelve meter cable.
Software used is Weather Display and Weather Display Live.  The console reads data from the unit every 2.5 seconds and updates the website every 10 seconds for the live data.  The screen capture images are available on the Details page.
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